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During your preflight inspection, measure and/or visually confirm the fuel quantity in your tanks.
The three-person morning crew opens up the aircraft and preps it for the preflight inspection.
The crew walked to the E-2C on time, did a preflight inspection, started the engines, and taxied for takeoff.
They performed the low-power turn brief, preflight inspection, and prestart checklist before commencing the engine turn.
During the preflight inspection of the TurboMentor for the next sortie, the instructor discovered fluid on the cowling.
SSgt Harvell's keen inspection technique led him to find seven loose aircraft intake rivets during a preflight inspection of his F-15E.
In addition, the board found that the safety pin for the parachute had not been removed during preflight inspection -- another precaution that could have saved Armstrong.
Deegan's team uses a preflight inspection period to make adjustments that could derail the printing process once it has begun.
Still, before each flight, he and his crew put the Buff through an eight-hour preflight inspection.
Its ability to store and post results of each preflight inspection in XML format allows for full integration with existing online job tickets and customer databases.
But I didn't and turned away, finishing the preflight inspection.
They split their duties, with one filing IFR while the other performed the preflight inspection.