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Ameritek Ventures, formerly ATVRockN, manufactures machinery used to produce optical fibre preforms used to produce commercial grade optical fibre.
JP Grosfilley SAS of Martignat, France, showed a three-station, rotary injection blow mold for bottles that molds preforms in the first station; blows them in the second; and ejects them freefalling in the third.
Indium Corporation's Pb-free and RoHS-compliant AuSn preforms are available in a variety of standard and custom-engineered designs.
In the heating step an injection molded amorphous PET preform is heated up above its glass transition temperature ([T.
Preform transfer to blowing takes place inside one machine.
3g preform is designed for lightweight 750m1 bottles and is the best when it comes to material economy.
Replacing manual inspection, the system is said to provide an automated, rapid and more in-depth analysis of preforms, as well as carrying out tasks such as a complete visual inspection, colour analysis, cavity number recognition and neck dimension examination.
In this study, the collected mechanical property data and estimated costs to manufacture generic short-fiber preforms were used to calculate the relative values (cost per property) of the three fibers used to make the FRM test castings.
A variable speed cutter is located in the head of the machine, and the extrudate is cut at the die face so variations in die swell do not affect the volumetric accuracy of the preforms.
When our Enka, NC facility started producing injection molded preforms in 1985 we had only two preform production lines and one truck, so forklift traffic in the preform production area was not a problem.
Amcor PET Packaging, (formerly Schmalbach-Lubeca) uses intermediate bulk containers to handle and store preforms in their Gresford, Wrexham facility.
A CHESHIREcompany has won an order worth over pounds 24,500 for carbon fibre preforms from one of the world's largest manufacturers of carbon-basedmaterials.