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Music an unstressed, usually short note introduced before a downbeat and harmonically related to the chord immediately following it



in psychology and philosophy, the ability to react to events ahead of time. This concept of “anticipation” is closest to the concept introduced in psychology by the German scientist W. Wundt. Psychologists distinguish two senses in which the term “anticipation” is used: (1) an organism’s expectation of a certain situation, which is manifested in some pose or movement; and (2) manifestation by a human being of the results of his action even before the action is performed (hence the definition of the goal as the anticipated subject).

In philosophy, the concept of anticipation is encountered as far back as the Stoics and Epicureans in reference to prolepsis—the general concept of knowledge before the perception of concrete individual things directly from the Logos. F. Bacon took a firm position against anticipation, proceeding from the principle that nature has to be studied, not anticipated. Kant used the term to mean “a priori knowledge of subjects of perception before the perceptions themselves.”

In logic, anticipation is used to denote temporary acceptance of a proposition which is to be proved subsequently, as if it were already proven.



The occurrence of a phenotype at a younger age or in a more severe form in succeeding generations of a family.
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Given the fact that the prepayment was recovered, it remains a grave concern that perceptions continue that a supposed liability still exists.
This treatment is in line with international financial reporting standards, but we will usually include any outstanding prepayment balance in our key debt metrics because they have many debt -like characteristics.
A spokeswoman for energy provider Swalec said: "[We] removed additional charges for electricity prepayment meters in 2006, one of the first energy suppliers to do so.
The NHF said its research last month found 14 per cent of gas prepayment meter customers and nine per cent of electricity prepayment customers had "self disconnected" over the last year because they could not afford the cost.
While losing the ability to tweak cash flows to one's particular needs may inconvenience many borrowers and push some borrowers at the margin out of the market, economic theory suggests that prepayment penalties may be playing a more fundamental role in the functioning of subprime mortgage markets.
The average annual cost of energy via a prepayment meter (PPM) is pounds 945 - pounds 86 more than the same amount of energy paid for by monthly direct debit.
One of the main attractions of the direct prepayment strategy is its simplicity.
In calling for an end to the prepayment penalties for hurricane victims, ACORN pointed out that other lenders and service providers have routinely waved prepayment penalties for homeowners who are paying off the mortgages of their damaged homes through insurance settlements or other means.
The submission, requesting exception to the $2,500 maximum for statistical sampling in voucher prepayment examination, does not justify the projected savings of approximately $4.
Feltham and Paquette (2002) (hereafter the paper) examine the effect of a taxpayer's prepayment position on the taxpayer's reporting strategy and the government's auditing strategy in a tax compliance game.
The interest rate would be 8% (the prime rate at that time) with no prepayment penalty clause.
However, if the organization's policy calls for prepayment of reasonable fees for copying and postage, it must provide the copies within 30 days of receiving same.