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Prepositions are used to express the relationship of a noun or pronoun (or another grammatical element functioning as a noun) to the rest of the sentence. The noun or pronoun that is connected by the preposition is known as the object of the preposition.
Some common prepositions are in, on, for, to, of, with, and about, though there are many others.
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in English, the part of speechpart of speech,
in traditional English grammar, any one of about eight major classes of words, based on the parts of speech of ancient Greek and Latin. The parts of speech are noun, verb, adjective, adverb, interjection, preposition, conjunction, and pronoun.
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 embracing a small number of words used before nouns and pronouns to connect them to the preceding material, e.g., of, in, and about. Prepositions are a class that is typical of the structure of Indo-European languages, but similar classes are found in some other languages.



a class of syncategorematic words or parts of speech. They are used in many languages, including Indo-European and Semitic, for the expression of various relationships between the dependent and principal members of a word combination. (The dependent member is usually a noun or pronoun.)

The preposition always precedes the dependent member. Functioning only in the role of a syntactic relation marker between the parts of a sentence, prepositions are not themselves members of a sentence. They are classed as primary or derived prepositions.

Primary prepositions are simple in composition and are distinguished by the multiplicity of relations that can be expressed by using them—for example, Russian bez, “without”; nad, “above”; v, “in”; k, “to”; or o, “about.” Derived prepositions are associated in structure and origin with autosemantic words. They may be adverbs (vblizi, “nearby”; navstrechu, “toward”; sboku, “from the side”), denominative prepositions (v oblasti, “in the field of; v tseliakh, “with a view to”), and deverbative prepositions (blagodaria, “(hanks to”; vkliuchaia, “including”).

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En effet, l'auteur constate que dans les exemples comme (13) et (14) << la preposition ne parait pas indispensable pour la reussite de l'acte referentiel >> (9) parce que dans l'environnement immediat de ces noms de rue << il y a [.
The comparison of the MED online definition of twen(e) with a slightly more detailed definition of the preposition bitwen(e) demonstrates that it is not only the senses, but also the references of the two prepositions which overlap (1) (see Table 1 and definitions below).
The general preposition will be discussed in more detail in Section 4.
What all this palaver of mine boils down to is that a sentence, spoken or written by a native speaker of English, that ends with what looks like a preposition is actually ending with a particle or adverb.
where it was argued by some that the verb shariba in this context implies the meaning of the verb rawiya "to quench one's thirst," an intransitive verb which became transitive by the addition of the preposition bi.
End your sentences with prepositions," she said, "and you'll get hundreds of complaints.
A notable finding is that he discovers significant variations not only in the dialectal distribution of prepositions but also in the use of a given preposition through the four subperiods of Middle English.
Di Meola proposes three necessary conditions on the context of use for a certain content word or syntactic structure to be reanalyzed as a preposition (p.
A third set of "experts" will invoke the compound-verb defense to deny that he struck out ends in a preposition.
This view has been common for centuries and reached its acme in the methodological art of structuralism in the mid 1950s, when the preposition was treated as a function word almost deprived of semantic content.
In his speaking or in his writing, does he follow the verb "communicate" with the preposition "to?
Supplies, such as IV saline solution, water purification tablets, and oral rehydration salts, are being collected to dispatch to Artibonite if needed and to preposition in camps where International Medical Corps runs clinics.