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process of hermetically sealing cooked food for future use. It is a preservation method, in which prepared food is put in glass jars or metal cans that are hermetically sealed to keep out air and then heated to a specific temperature for a specified time to destroy
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While preserving the integrity and untouched natural beauty of the landscape remains a top priority, winding trails and footpaths provide scenic options both for families and friends as well as visitors to enjoy the beauty and serenity of The Preserve.
New York City has made an admirable and aggressive public policy commitment to creating and preserving affordable housing," said Matt Schwartz, principal with The Domain Companies.
Those include buying 42 acres of desert habitat elsewhere to set aside as a preserve, delaying construction until any burrowing owls on the property have raised their young, and catching and relocating coast horned lizards and a snakelike reptile called the silvery legless lizard, as well as relocating or preserving elsewhere five specimens of a tiny plant called a sagebrush loeflingia.
However, Charlotte is rich in other ways, especially in preserving its environment.
a wood preserving plant that treats utility poles, railroad ties, marine pilings and other industrial-use wood with pesticides that protect it from rot and decay.
Millennia of dependency on preserving knowledge and cultural expression are starkly threatened in a digital environment.
That is why commands must follow the guidelines for preserving it.
Second, botulism is highly preventable with proper techniques for preserving and preparing food.
But the true value of preserving this genetic diversity is immeasurable.
Staff members wondered if the Conservancy's traditional method of preserving precious acreage in perpetuity through purchases was under attack.