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That high pressure block now happens once or twice a year in August, September and October.
Adjustable Door Striker - 4-way adjustable with ribbed Allen bit head, tri-chromate washer and threaded pressure block for positive adjustment
In the very cold winter we have just suffered there were days when they operated at only 1% owing to the high pressure block that caused the wind not to blow.
Through this affiliate agreement, OEN will offer its subscribers Adrenaline Nation TV's (ANTV) programs, including Bubbling Under, which features the best music from the hottest artists bubbling under the charts, and other programs such as Paove X, Pressure Block and Thunder Juice, which showcase the hottest new independent bands, music videos and artists.
Often during May and September you get a spell of east or south-easterly winds due to pressure blocks across Scandinavia, and some areas of Scotland tend to be sheltered, leading to longer sunnier periods.
On top of that, the high pressure blocks off the flow of cooler air from off the ocean and over the Coast Range.
In glaucoma, high inner-eye pressure blocks blood flow to the optic area and damages cells important to vision.