pressure vessel

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pressure vessel

[′presh·ər ‚ves·əl]
A metal container, generally cylindrical or spheroid, capable of withstanding bursting pressures.

Pressure vessel

A cylindrical or spherical metal container capable of withstanding pressures exerted by the material enclosed. Pressure vessels are important because many liquids and gases must be stored under high pressure. Special emphasis is placed upon the strength of the vessel to prevent explosions as a result of rupture. Codes for the safety of such vessels have been developed that specify the design of the container for specified conditions.

Most pressure vessels are required to carry only low pressures and thus are constructed of tubes and sheets rolled to form cylinders. Some pressure vessels must carry high pressures, however, and the thickness of the vessel walls must increase in order to provide adequate strength. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are machine elements that are forms of pressure vessels.

pressure vessel

i. The portion of an aircraft structure of a pressurized aircraft that is sealed and pressurized in flight. It normally consists of the cockpit and the cabin. Also called a pressure capsule
ii. A container for gas under high pressure.
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prepare pressure vessels, subject to regulations for submission for visits and / or regulatory examinations by the recognized organization, mandated by the onera
The Pressure Vessels market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
Plus, with the software feature called "building information model," pressure vessel manufacturers are able to enrich information through the standardisation of all aspects of industry, from design to production to the final product.
8220;We are very honored by Hyflux's decision to use ROPV pressure vessels for the Tuas II.
Al-Nasr Company for Steam Boilers and Pressure Vessels was sold for $17 million while the estimates of the Central Auditing Agency said that it was worth double that price, according to the statement.
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Cooling the pressure vessels of the plant's damaged Nos.
The Japanese government had said in June that nuclear fuel in three of the plant had melted through the base of the pressure vessels and got accumulated in the outer containment vessels.
Casing and pressure vessel assemblies also available with ASME U and UM stamps for construction of pressure vessels and with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels R stamp for repair and alteration of pressure vessels.
Fundamental to public safety, the ASME codes are accepted in the US and in many other countries as the minimum safety standard for the construction of pressure vessels and piping.
A Rapidoor measuring more than 15' in diameter is designed to provide a fast-opening closure for pressure vessels used by a Canadian manufacturer vulcanizing rubber.
s Wils-Away series offers pneumatic tube cleaning solutions for use in HVAC applications such as straight and curved tubes in heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, absorbers, water heaters, coolers and other small diameter pressure vessels.

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