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She liked pretty faces near her; as she liked pretty pictures and nice china.
All the pretty picture of the soft puppy, instinct with communicativeness, bursting with tenderness of petition, was veiled to his vision.
I fear me that the Jed of Gathol, though a pretty picture of a man, is little else.
It would have made a pretty picture, so many pretty girls kissing Rosa in the cold porch of the Nuns' House, and that sunny little creature peeping out of it (unconscious of sly faces carved on spout and gable peeping at her), and waving farewells to the departing coaches, as if she represented the spirit of rosy youth abiding in the place to keep it bright and warm in its desertion.
One story credits my unfortunate ancestor with having had the Spaniard cut in two; and that will fit the pretty picture also.
Rather than issuing pretty pictures and press releases every two months, how about actually doing something Carl Nixon WHY on earth are new shops needed at Cardiff Central?
The lands managed by the United States Forest Service may technically be public, but that doesn't mean members of the public can just go in there and take pretty pictures anytime they please.
So, here's some pretty pictures of The Saturdays to remind you that there's still a whole extra day of Saturday to go.
Among them, little Ellis Cairns was practising his football skills, Jasmin Myers and Jack Hannan enjoyed the nursery's scooters, while Brooke Raywood was busy painting pretty pictures.
Even those with half an eye could see that Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington's pretty pictures were heavily air brushed.
Zarah Murphy, 29, a mother-of-four, grew 20 dope plants in a specially decorated secret den that was decked out with pretty pictures of shiny plants and a stereo playing "nice classical music".
It even suggested artists should paint pretty pictures to patch over the boarded-up shopfronts.