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1. the hiding place or lair of an animal
2. Golf
a. the position of the ball after a shot
b. the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing


Trygve Halvdan . 1896--1968, Norwegian statesman; first secretary-general of the United Nations (1946--52)


A symbolic mathematics package aimed at Lie groups.

["LiE, a Package for Lie Group Computations", M.A.A. van Leeuwen et al, in Computer Algebra Nederland, 1992 (ISBN 90-741160-02-7)].
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The truth is the issue is mired in confusion with hardline feminists claiming there's no difference between a victim who's been degraded, violated and raped at knifepoint and someone prevaricating over whether to say "no" in a man's bed.
It is time to stop prevaricating and to make a decision.
THE award for cheeky question of the week that gets to the heart of the matter must go to journalist Quentin Letts, who, at a Prime Ministerial briefing, was the seventh person to ask a prevaricating Gordon Brown if he supported his deputy Harriet Harman in Labour's secret donations row.
He has had to face a procession of prevaricating civil servants, all intent on saying as little as they possibly can.
I really wish that Blair and Bush would stop prevaricating and get on with the job of invading Iraq.
The Prime Minister told the TUC Congress, ``Let it be clear that there can be no more conditions, no more games, no more prevaricating, no more undermining of the UN's authority.
I wonder whether, when the Sea Cat and IoM Ferries get fed up with Liverpool's prevaricating and relocate elsewhere, you and all the other objectors will be cheering?
What they can't deal with is lying and prevaricating.
So it stands to good reason the Government is still prevaricating and dragging its feet.
Delaney, criticised himself ahead of the game for prevaricating on Staunton's future when pointedly asked, shrugged off the comments -as Staunton was forced to do.
By prevaricating, however, Surrey have weakened Warwickshire for a key match.