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Price List


a systematic list of prices (rates) for groups and types of commodities and services. In the USSR separate price lists are drawn up for wholesale, retail, and state purchase prices and for rates for transportation services, domestic-service enterprises, and municipal services.

A price list gives the designation of an article (product) according to a standard or to technical specifications, the brand (code, model, type of article), the number of the standard or technical specifications with an indication of who approved them and when, a brief specification of the article (product), the unit of measure, and the price. For goods sold at zonal prices, including meat and dairy products, eggs, sugar, and bread, prices are given for each zone. In price lists containing a large assortment of commodities, the products are grouped by sections.

The State Price Committee of the USSR establishes nationwide wholesale price lists for the bulk of technical producers’ goods, including fuel, electricity, ferrous and nonferrous metals, and chemical products, and for the most important consumer goods, such as fabrics, footwear, knitwear, radio equipment, bread, sugar, meat, milk, and fish, regardless of the departmental affiliation of the enterprises that produce these goods. The state price committees of the Union republics establish republic price lists for producers’ goods manufactured by the enterprises of republic ministries and departments and also for a large number of consumer goods, including garments, furniture, and dishes.

The councils of ministers of autonomous republics, krai and oblast executive committees, and executive committees of cities under republic jurisdiction establish retail price lists for many household goods, fruits, and vegetables, as well as rates for domestic and municipal services. Agencies for price setting and people’s control monitor conformance with existing price lists.


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