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Christianity the office, rank, or jurisdiction of a primate or senior bishop or (in the Roman Catholic Church) the pope



priority, preeminent role, predominance, supremacy, or highest precedence, for example, the primacy of production of the means of production over production of the means of consumption.

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Research in psychology suggests that primacy may be present in audit decisions in which relatively low levels of inherent risk are present.
We upheld London Welsh's complaint and concluded that the primacy of tenure rule gave rise to an unjustified distortion of competition, contrary to UK and EU competition law," the panel said in a statement.
Traditionally speaking, papal primacy has often been linked with the primacy of the city of Rome as the head of the world (caput mundi).
For a hedge fund activist, much of shareholder primacy doctrine is already irrelevant or worse, and its fundamental premise that ownership is separated from control seems at best only imperfectly true when it matters most-when the fund is actively investing.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 28, 2017-Microgen Acquires Canadian Trust and Fund Administration Software Firm Primacy
16-21 and approved a document called "Synodality and Primacy in the First Millennium: Toward a Common Understanding in Service to the Unity of the Church.
MalacaNang chose the primacy of the war on terror over the primacy of the peace talks, Iqbal said in a news conference, and many people died.
THE Supreme Court on Tuesday grilled the government over the demand for revisiting its 1993 judgment that brought in the collegium system giving primacy to the Chief Justice of India in appointments to higher judiciary and wanted to know how the new Appointments Commission will not impinge upon judiciary's independence.
Primacy in the Church from Vatican I to Vatican II: An Orthodox Perspective.
We understand the need for primacy of the football club's fixtures and I have no reason to believe that deal can't be offered to the football club, including the requirement of primacy.
Paul McPartlan, A Service of Love: Papal Primacy, the Eucharist and Church Unity.
Shareholder primacy and corporate governance; legal aspects, practices and future directions.