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The process for certification required developing and documenting the Primary Integrations Solutions' quality management process and the attendant administrative and operating procedures to support that process.
This additional QUOVADX software will serve to further bolster the strength of the foundation's primary integration environment by allowing the organization to test and develop applications in a separate environment.
com/ibolt) as the primary integration and business process development framework as part of their strategy to provide their clients with timely information and customized integrated solutions.
GP is also working with Siemens Dematic, the primary integration contractor, in the creation of installation, commissioning and test plans to support the acceptance testing of the equipment for the new facility.
PeopleSoft is the only enterprise portal vendor to utilize Web Services standards as its primary integration method.
It will be one of the primary integration tools that we will use to work with our clients toward meeting the HIPAA requirements and facilitating business process flow improvements throughout the enterprise.

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