primary refrigerant

primary fluid, primary refrigerant

The refrigerant in a refrigeration system which takes up heat, by evaporation.
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Cascade Systems: 1100 lb (499 kg) of primary refrigerant, and 430 lb (195 kg) of C[O.
The primary refrigerants considered included R-404A, R-134a, R-32, R-1234yf and ammonia (R-717).
Wegmans has installed a CO2 system as a secondary refrigerant in two stores that use HFC 404a as a primary refrigerant, cutting the volume of HFCs by half.
The system operates with natural ammonia as the primary refrigerant, cooling a glycol secondary fluid.
The technology uses a 35% aqueous propylene glycol fluid, a non-greenhouse emissions-producing secondary fluid, as a primary refrigerant.
Since the medium-temperature secondary refrigerant (propylene glycol) is not under high pressure like primary refrigerant in a direct expansion system, ABS plastic piping was used in the Williamsburg store.
Another site using secondary refrigeration is the Cactus store in Bereldange, a suburb of Luxembourg, where ammonia is being used as the primary refrigerant for both chilled and frozen display.
Not only that, but the Electrolux system needs only 20% as much primary refrigerant as a conventional system.
This improved concept has demonstrated its ability to reduce by at least 82% the quantity of primary refrigerant required.
They are served by a secondary refrigeration system with a glycol solution as the secondary and ammonia as the primary refrigerant.
The shortfall in automotive packaging revenue was primarily due to the temporary industry wide shortage of refrigerant 134a, the primary refrigerant packaged by EMC.
The representatives agreed that phase out dates for HCFC-22, the primary refrigerant used in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, should be reassessed in future reviews of the Montreal Protocol because satisfactory alternatives for most HCFC-22 applications are not identified and proven.