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(computer science)
A printed output of a data-processing machine or system.



(Russian, tabuliagramma), a printed report, produced by a tabulator or by a printer capable of printing 70–140 characters per line, of the output of a tabulator or electronic computer.

In one machine cycle there is recorded on a printout a horizontal line containing data from a single punch card or from a single storage record, with symbols, indexes, textual material, and digital information being printed at the same time. In addition and subtraction, the results may be entered on the printout at the ends of columns of the given groups of figures. In multiplication, division, and certain other operations, the operands and computation results may be printed in a single line. A printout may also contain graphs.

The output of a tabulator or computer may be printed on tape, continuous paper, forms, cards, or bills.


(PRINTer OUTput) Same as hard copy.
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Finally, examining further the qualitative differences between an electronic record and its paper counterpart, the Appeals Court found that for e-mail the plaintiffs identified no metadata that was absent from extant paper printouts.
Linguistic examinations can compare a written communication with a voice communication or a typewritten text with a computer printout.
In additin, we have monthly and annual printouts of statistics by organism and by specimen.
You can even peel the back off your printouts to turn them into stickers that you can use to customize a family scrapbook or decorate spaces with your favorite photos.
Although the holdings of the courts in these cases have not been expressly framed in terms of metadata, it is clear that the courts have viewed electronic records as more complete than corresponding hard copy printouts.
It is surprising how many printouts from spreadsheets contain rounding errors.
Housekeeping supplies the billing department with periodic printouts of a precise running record of all time, services, and items provided for each resident.
Manual signatures on hard copy records or prescription printouts are approved, yet paper records are inefficient and easily compromised.
If you look at the radar printouts, it shows clearly that the majority of flights take off to the south and come close to my house.
Users can get detailed information on city services, including printouts listing publications and locations of hospitals, libraries and other facilities.
It eliminates restrictions on laser-printer and dotmatrix printouts.
Quarterly and monthly constant-dollar manufacturing and trade inventories, sales, and inventory-sales ratios for 1967-93, as well as constant-dollar manufacturing inventories by stage of fabrication, are available on printouts, diskette, and computer tape.