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1. the superior of a house and community in certain religious orders
2. the deputy head of a monastery or abbey, ranking immediately below the abbot
3. (formerly) a chief magistrate in medieval Florence and other Italian republics


Matthew. 1664--1721, English poet and diplomat, noted for his epigrammatic occasional verse



(1) A superior of a small Catholic monastery.

(2) The official second in rank after the grand master in various religious orders of knights.

(3) In the medieval communes of central Italy, the head of a guild, who was usually a member of the commune’s administration (priorate).

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Priorly patients' IV line is taken and a crystalloid or a colloid including a blood transfusion if required is given.
GenomeDx and Mayo Clinic priorly broadened their partnership in April 2013 to include an exclusive licence to certain co-developed and Mayo-developed intellectual property.
The Solicitor General said JBC rules had been violated, particularly Section 2 of Rule 10, as this "does not grant a member of the council's peremptory powers to deny an applicant a nomination, in the absence of evidence priorly brought to the attention of, and validated by, the council in the public and transparent process prescribed in its rules.
For example, if a nonsmoker entered a priorly unpopulated space, it became, by definition, nonsmoking space.
Advantages and disadvantages of the method to be chosen must be priorly weighed with the patients in detail, and one of the treatment modalities suitable for the patient can be used.
It would also boost the fruit exports as priorly our fruits used to get rotten as Pakistani schedules did not match the international markets and due to long stays at ships, the fruit got spoiled, he added.
The considered nonlinear dynamic term is priorly unknown but belongs to a class of functions with a bounded energy level, which represent a kind of very important nonlinear functions, and has been studied by many researchers; see, for example, [41].
PROCEDURE: 40 patients with acute ankle sprain priorly between 15-35 yrs of age group were selected based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Nevertheless, the instrumentation for appropriate and scalable implementation of Ruthenium Nano-TRF had not priorly been developed.
Priorly, various campaigns to urge people to shift their cellular numbers to their names have been run however have not met major success.
Finally, the MDL Cystic Fibrosis Site Specific Analysis screens for known family CF mutations priorly detected in blood relatives.