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On the way home, however, she was seized by a British privateer who refused to recognise her papers and took her into Bristol as a prize.
30) Historians credit the expansion and development of the Western world from 1600 to 1815 to privateers.
Of course, public love affairs with successful privateers did not
Similarly, privateers help insulate ICs against targets' counter-assertions of patent infringement.
Buccaneers were pirates and privateers who operated from bases in the West Indies, and attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean.
However, privateers generally did not engage in ship-to-ship combat to gain control of the seas or to invade enemy territory.
Although widely known as a pirate, he was in fact a privateer, having the backing of the English crown to terrorise the Spanish.
Colonial privateers and British warships took advantage of the friction in spring 1813, taking the war to the enemy by capturing or destroying US shipping traveling along the Maine coast, threatening military supply lines.
THE world-famous racing circuit, the Nurburgring, is in financial trouble and has sadly been handed over to privateers who've put the Ring at risk.
Also with the factory teams allowed in against the privateers it is not going to be easy to compete on a level playing field, so I think we will wait and see exactly what the rule changes are before I make a decision.
His body was suspended in a gibbet, a kind of cage, on the Thames River as a warning to other privateers.
PRIVATEERS now own 90% of old people's homes in the UK.