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He was sentenced to 24 months of probation, 50 hours of public service, ordered to undergo mental treatment and ordered to pay restitution of $56.
According to details the existing post of Director has been upgraded from BPS-18 to BPS-19, the post of Deputy Director has been upgraded from BPS-17 to BPS-18 and 18 posts of Parole/Probation Officers presently in BPS-16 have been upgraded to BPS-17 and re-designated as Senior Parole/Senior Probation Officers.
Our commitment to vocational training ensures that we have skilled employees who can deliver highquality probation services.
Unison say probation staff at Durham Tees Valley Probation Trust and Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company (NCRC) have not had a pay rise in five years, and in that time inflation has cut their pay by 16% in real terms.
Arcenas was convicted in an attempted homicide case in 2011 but, instead of going to prison, he applied for and was granted a four-year probation.
WORCESTER -- Louis Rosado has a long road ahead of him on probation, but he welcomes visits to his home aimed at helping him keep with the program.
Probation's role in rehabilitation WALES Probation welcomed the opportunity to comment on the work it is doing to prevent reoffending, "175 arrested last year had 50+ convictions" (9 April).
A probation department is just not convinced by Chris Brown's rehab probation, as they believe the punishment is too little and too late for him.
This important book is essential reading for all teachers, researchers, policy makers and practitioners who have an interest in the past, present and futures of probation not only in England and Wales, but also internationally.
GOVERNMENT plans to reform the probation service "will be a disaster" according to staff in Warwickshire.
Summary: MPs have described it as "staggering" that probation officers often spend as little as a quarter of their time dealing directly with offenders.
3) Although statutorily dependent, many states--including Massachusetts--grant judges the discretion to order probation in a criminal case after a finding of guilty or after a continuance without a finding.