Proboscis Monkeys

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Proboscis Monkeys


a group of catarrhine monkeys of the family Cercopithecidae. The group comprises three genera.

The genus Nasalis has one species, the true proboscis monkey (N. larvatus), which is found on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan). The true proboscis monkey has a long nose. Its body length is 55–75 cm, and its tail length 65–75 cm.

The genus Rhinopithecus has two species: the snub-nosed langur (R. roxellanae) —with three subspecies, which are distributed in southern and western China—and the Tonkin snub-nosed langur (R. avunculus), which is distributed in northern Vietnam. Both species have snub noses that curve upward in old individuals. The body length measures 55–85 cm, and the tail length 60–95 cm. The hairs, as in Nasalis, are long and of various colors.

The genus Simias has one species, the pig-tailed langur (S. concolor), which is found on the islands of Siberut, Sipora, and South Pagi and in southwestern Sumatra. The nose is snub but less developed than that of Rhinopithecus. The body length is about 55 cm, and the tail length 13–15 cm. The coloration is dusky brown.

Proboscis monkeys are arboreal animals and live in groups of 20 or more individuals. The numbers of snub-nosed and pig-tailed langurs are sharply decreasing.


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The predominance frequencies of monkeys in Bukit Selambau showed in this study contradict the results of Panchanathan (2005) who concluded that Proboscis monkeys were not observed in villages and agricultural land.
But proboscis monkeys don't seem to be able to smell any better than monkeys with short noses.
He has also been involved in conservation programmes for orangutans, elephants, proboscis monkeys and the elusive slow loris.
The proboscis monkey - a reddish-brown, pot-bellied primate - rose to prominence in Britain when Attenborough featured it as part of his Wildlife on One BBC series in 1988.
In late afternoon, visitors take longboats down tiny tributaries to marvel at trees bent double under the weight of Jimmy Durante--nosed proboscis monkeys, one of ten types of primate in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.
They have huge noses, gouty demeanours, pale faces and a permanent state of arousal like large sections of the English aristocracy" - Comedian and wildlife expert Bill Bailey's description of the proboscis monkey.
I've eaten monitor lizard; my son has eaten proboscis monkey.
I wonder also at the devotion shown by, say, the proboscis monkey in mastering the fiendish nasal mutation rules.
In Malaysia, restore degraded forest within Supu Forest Reserve along the Kinabatangan River, one of the single largest remaining natural forest habitats for the endangered orangutan, storms stork, Borneon bristlehead, and other rare endemic species such as the proboscis monkey and Borneon gibbon.
The majority of visitors come to Sukau for the opportunity to view the flagship species of the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (orang-utah, Bornean pygmy elephant, proboscis monkey, and hornbills) in the wild.
A long-term research and conservation programme was also launched for the protection of the proboscis monkey, a "reddish-brown primate with a protruding nose".
Proboscis Monkey THE Jimmy Durante of the primate world was voted favourite by the audience in London.