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a. the institution of a legal action
b. any step taken in a legal action
2. legal action; litigation



in Soviet law, a procedure established by law to regulate the conduct of investigative and judicial actions, the adoption of decisions, and the relations of participants in criminal and civil cases. The proceeding is based on the democratic principles of Soviet judicial procedure and is the form through which these principles are realized. It includes the body of rules providing for the thorough investigation of a case, the best conditions for evaluating the evidence, the active role of the parties to the case, and the strict observance by the parties of citizens’ rights (seeCRIMINAL PROCEDURE).

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As an IPR often proceeds alongside district court litigation, this provision was expected to encourage parties to negotiate to settle both the litigation and the administrative proceeding.
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the sale of FloSeal and Proceed in the United States in December 1999.
The board of managers of the Parc Vendome then sought to amend the judgment of foreclosure to provide that all of the unpaid common charges on the unit be paid either out of surplus proceeds after the foreclosure sale of the unit or by the purchaser of the unit at the sale.
One technique to avoid the imposition of AMT has been to adopt a cross-purchase agreement, under which each stockholder agrees to maintain life insurance on the other stockholders and then use the proceeds to purchase the stock on a stockholder's death.
B receives the $100,000 proceeds on A's death in 1994.
162(k) applied, the Bankruptcy Court in Kroy reiterated that examining Kroy's purpose for acquiring the loans was difficult, and that the correct analysis was based on the origin of the transaction, not the use of the proceeds.
Under these rules, taxpayers evidently can manipulate the tax treatment of the interest expense by determining the best way to use the loan proceeds.
If the surviving income beneficiary dies possessing the power during her lifetime to appoint the life insurance proceeds only to her children, are the proceeds includable in her estate?
The ruling eliminated an existing division in the circuit courts and required taxpayers to include in gross income all litigation proceeds, including any amount that went to the lawyers under a contingent fee arrangement.

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