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a. the institution of a legal action
b. any step taken in a legal action
2. legal action; litigation



in Soviet law, a procedure established by law to regulate the conduct of investigative and judicial actions, the adoption of decisions, and the relations of participants in criminal and civil cases. The proceeding is based on the democratic principles of Soviet judicial procedure and is the form through which these principles are realized. It includes the body of rules providing for the thorough investigation of a case, the best conditions for evaluating the evidence, the active role of the parties to the case, and the strict observance by the parties of citizens’ rights (seeCRIMINAL PROCEDURE).

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This statutory language left open the question of what circumstances would cause the PTAB to move forward with a proceeding already settled by the parties.
Focusing the court's attention on the individual facts of the current proceeding.
This issue arises out of an enforcement proceeding brought by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (the "Board") against Jean Peyrelevade (the "Respondent"), the former chief executive officer of Credit Lyonnais.
A potential problem with the administrative proceeding may arise from the fact that the PCAOB's power is limited to outside auditors.
In Proceedings of the IEEE 6th International Conference on Computer Vision (Bombay, India, January 4-7, 1998) (pp.
62, must name the respondent, plainly and concisely describe the allegations that form the basis for the proceeding and be signed by the DOP.
And no case cited by Respondents suggests that a court or agency is constitutionally required to seal the record of a public proceeding to protect personal financial information relevant to the proceeding.
3 that a non-payment proceeding may not be dismissed simply because the rent demand violated FDCPA.
The court concluded that the taxpayer instituted the proceeding primarily for delay and, therefore, imposed a penalty under Sec.
As a result, the landlord commenced eviction proceedings against Fuentes on the grounds that she violated a substantial obligation of the lease in keeping these four dogs.
sections] 1818(u)(4), provided that the agency may file a document under seal in an administrative proceeding "if disclosure of the document would be contrary to the public interest," 12 U.

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