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They further recommended that the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population develop a referral system with teaching or university hospitals for women with more complex sexual problems, and that Egyptian public health messages encouraging women to ask family planning prodders about their sexuality-related concerns be developed.
Will companies produce small and affordable tools like the Instrumented Prodder for practical use or will they prefer to design and build highly technical and enormously expensive machines that will soak up countries' development assistance monies?
Sherbert Dabs with their liquorice prodder to get to the very bottom of the long pack.
Michael Timothy, 56, of Thomas Sharpe Street, Canley, was ordered to hand over his pet, a four-year-old lurcher called Prodder, after it was proved he left the animal at home alone for several days without food or water.
The most reliable method is still a man armed with a detector and prodder, sometimes assisted by specially trained dogs and machines that reduce vegetation.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Prodder Quantity 80
A large genoa runs off a bow prodder and a halyard is included for a gennaker, which flies from the very end of the prodder.