product design

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product design

[′präd·əkt di‚zīn]
(design engineering)
The determination and specification of the parts of a product and their interrelationship so that they become a unified whole.

Product design

The determination and specification of the parts of a product and their interrelationship so that they become a unified whole. The design must satisfy a broad array of requirements in a condition of balanced effectiveness. A product is designed to perform a particular function or set of functions effectively and reliably, to be economically manufacturable, to be profitably salable, to suit the purposes and the attitudes of the consumer, and to be durable, safe, and economical to operate. For instance, the design must take into consideration the particular manufacturing facilities, available materials, know-how, and economic resources of the manufacturer. The product may need to be packaged; usually it will also need to be shipped so that it should be light in weight and sturdy of construction. The product should appear significant, effective, compatible with the culture, and appear to be worth more than the price. See Production engineering, Production planning

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A flagship program of the Nasscom Product Council will aim at supporting 500+ product startups on product design and train 5,000+ product designers over a period of two years.
BEng(Hons) Product Design and Manufacture--2014-2018--Partial CEng
com) has tapped Bob Toler to run its newly formed product design group.
Product development, product design, tool design and modeling with multiple transfer protocol for AutoCad and Pro-E.
For brevity, ICT products are used as a main example of product design.
Design teams, urges Datatech's Schnitger, "need to examine their product design process to determine how best to employ each type of analysis.
TAINAN, Taiwan -- As iF Product Design Award announced its winners, student Ching Hua Lee from Department of Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, out of a total of 2,756 entries by 1,121 participants from 43 countries, has won the 2011 iF Product Design Award with his design of X-TUBE.
Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that Nikon Df and D750 digital SLR cameras and Nikon 1 V3, Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses are the recipients of iF Product Design Awards 2015.
BSc(Hons) Industrial Product Design BSc(Hons) Product Design and Management Accredited for membership of the IED.
That was okay until users began realizing that manufacturing is more than product design.
In the latest report from TBR, "Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study: Notebooks," Lenovo's rankings increased in 4Q06, overshadowing some of its largest competitors in the areas of reliability and product design.
MEng(Hons) Product Design Engineering The courses above to give membership and registration as a CEng from intake year 2012 for five years.

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