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(1) (Proof Of Concept) See PoC exploit.

(2) (Power Over Cable) Sending data and power over the same line. See PoE and HDBaseT.

(3) (Power Over Coax) Using coaxial cable to send PoE (Power over Ethernet) signals a distance of a half mile or more. The PoC device converts PoE to a coaxial-compatible signal that is transmitted to the PoC unit at the other end. See PoE.
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24) Given the benefits of lactation to both infant and maternal health, (25,26) and the fact that the LNG-IUS carries a much lower systemic dose of progestin than the injectable, further study of how timing of initiation of progestin-only contraceptives affects women's abilities to meet lactation recommendations (27) is urgently needed.
In addition to Agile's lead, advanced-stage program to develop AG200-15, the Company also is developing a low-dose, progestin-only contraceptive patch, AG900.
Micronor, a progestin-only contraceptive, works in a significant number of patients by preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg.
The once-weekly dosing regimen of the patch could help improve compliance and convenience in progestin-only contraceptive users.
Larger long-term, randomized, controlled studies that focus on weight and enroll users and nonusers who are otherwise comparable are still needed to definitively address the question of whether the high-dose progestin-only contraceptive causes weight gain, said Dr.
Once-weekly dosing with the patch may improve compliance and convenience in progestin-only contraceptive users, as well as provide more consistent average plasma norethindrone levels than oral progestin-only products.
By contrast, the product labeling for Depo-Provera states that about 68% of women who do become pregnant after discontinuing the injectable high-dose progestin-only contraceptive may conceive within 12 months.
Progestin-only contraceptive pills (POPs) are used as a routine method of birth control over longer periods of time, and are contraindicated in some conditions.
As with any progestin-only contraceptive, users of IMPLANON(TM) can experience irregular bleeding.

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