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The project leader must build trust and instill confidence in themselves and the team's abilities.
Another project leader, who is addressing an entire country's water use, says successful leaders are those who are comfortable in thinking outside the box.
The Shakespeare Appreciation Project for incarcerated juveniles was proposed, designed, implemented and evaluated by the project leader, who is an actor active in the local theater community, as part of a master's degree assignment with the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Department of Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation.
Project leaders Rich Townend and Vicki Payne dressed up in authentic costumes to tell the kids all about Viking runes, longships and armour.
Q: Is it the responsibility of the project leader to insure that all ballot comments are addressed, or does the Standards staff oversee this?
Most recently, he was a project leader at Sun Chemical's Carlstadt's research center.
Bill Easdale, the Element's manufacturing project leader, says two key approaches used to save time were: (1) so-called 'one floor" meetings early in the project that brought a large group of design and manufacturing engineers, suppliers and equipment makers together to offer input, and (2) more Frequent but less Formal meetings with R& 0 and manufacturing decision-makers designed to quickly answer questions that might otherwise delay the project.
Prior to that, he worked for Asgrow Seed Company as a research scientist and project leader.
Project leader Mike Bosilovich says the model provides a much clearer picture than ever before of how water vapor travels through the atmosphere, and is the only tool available that can determine individual regional atmospheric moisture sources and account for all the variables required for source analysis.
In recognition of this contribution, the project leader at Kobe University has presented NIST with a set of these volumes together with a laudatory letter about the value the NIST measurements to their large project.