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Deeper study of Projective Geometry in the university and in schools is also warranted, given that many recent results in various mathematical areas were proven with the help of the fundamental theorems of Projective Geometry.
Synthetic Projective Geometry andPoincare's Theorem on Automorphisms of the Ball.
Since the Veblen axiom is a fundamental axiom of projective geometry, multiveblen configurations can be considered as, loosely speaking, locally projective (for a system of pairwise not collinear points).
Points of view like this one produced that the hegemony of Euclidean geometry was challenged by non-Euclidean geometry and projective geometry by 19 century.
Among the topics are whether traces of the "Erlanger Programm" exist in physical theories, what the symmetries of partial differential equations are and what partial differential equations themselves are, transformation groups in non-Riemannian geometry, the projective geometry of constant curvature spaces, and three dimensional gravity: an applications of Felix Klein's ideas in physics.
d) opportunities for introducing new approaches such as to perspective and projective geometry.
Written for the undergraduate student, this unusually lucid volume presents the geometry of space-time in a manner that demonstrates the connection of special relativity with synthetic geometry and, in turn, its relation to projective geometry.
In addition to design, rendering, and calibration algorithms in conventional projector-based systems, this course provides a practical guide to relevant topics in image warping, projective geometry, transfer functions for curved screens, camera-assisted methods, and projector-based augmented reality.
The Role of Nonassociative Algebra in Projective Geometry
Casas-Alvero offers an analytic presentation, strongly based on linear algebra, of what may be considered the whole of n-dimensional projective geometry over the real and complex fields, together with their affine and metric specializations.