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One of the anterior pair of renal organs in higher vertebrate embryos; the pair initiates formation of the archinephric duct.



the excretory organ in the embryos of lower vertebrates; in higher vertebrates, including man, the pronephros is vestigial and nonfunctional. During embryonic development, the pronephros is replaced by the mesonephros. In most taxonomic groups the excretory ducts of the pronephros have a single filtering apparatus—a vascular glomerulus located near the funnel (nephrostome) through which each tubule of the pronephros opens into the coelom. The other ends of the tubules merge and form the rudiment of the pronephrotic canal, which grows toward the posterior end and terminates in the cloaca.

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The 125-[micro]M dose caused eGFP fluorescence in the developing olfactory organ, gill, skin, liver, and pronephros.
vhnf1, the MODY5 and familial GCKD-associated gene, regulates regional specification of the zebrafish gut, pronephros, and hindbrain.
Mesonephric remnants may give rise to tumors occurring in the retroperitoneum, gonads, and the inguinal region, whereas the remains of the pronephros may account for those tumors occurring more cranially (mediastinum and the chest wall).