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9) compared the efficiency of a new propeller pump to provide hemodynamic support to the IABP in an acute mitral regurgitation animal model.
Example performance curves for a large propeller pump are shown in Figure 19-7.
The gear drive connects to a Lo-Lift single-stage, propeller pump with a capacity of 50,000 gpm.
So, there I was (I had to say that, don't judge me), as we received indications of a loss of pressure from our main propeller pump on our port side.
When the engine panels were removed, a steadily increasing leak from the propeller pump housing was found.
The levee incorporated one of the largest submersible propeller pump stations in North America at a point 600-ft up from the (South) Gabouri Creek confluence with the Mississippi River and immediately downline from the town's wastewater treatment plant on the landside of the levee.
In the aeration portion of the plant, ITT added over 7,000 new Sanitaire ceramic disc diffusers, nine Flygt mixers, and a Flygt propeller pump.
Initial adjustments were in work when a bolt was found wedged between the propeller pump housing and the reduction gearbox (RGB).
For general utility applications, the vertical-shaft modified propeller pump is the most useful.
Revision of a propeller pump 4,3m / sec flow rate revision medium voltage motor revision Valve.
The first indication of a problem was a slight aroma of smoke in the cockpit, followed immediately by the illumination of the master-caution light, two propeller pump lights, and an RPM overspeed of 105 precent on the starboard side.