Property line

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Property line

A boundary line between plots of land, such as farms or lots; the location of a property line is recorded in the legal description of the piece of land.

property line

A recorded boundary of a plot.
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The hydraulic puller is usually set up at the property line pit because that pit is normally deeper, and therefore presents a more substantial head wall for the puller to pull against.
88709 Castle, Castle Square 12, New Castle Meersburg, personnel services, property line, cash services, supervisory and seating services Verantsaltungsbetreuung.
Meteoric water channel at a length of about 250 meters, including building connecting cables up to the property line
In 1993, lab officials found elevated levels of tritium, along with strontium 90, cesium 137 and plutonium 238, in soil samples from Brandies Bardin taken near the lab property line.
Bordered on Canal Street on the North, Church Street on the East, and Lispenard Street on the South, the building comprises approximately half of this city block with a depth of 149 feet from Church Street to the property line between Church Street and West Broadway to the West.
Contract notice: Construction of sanitary channel to portions of the network to the property line fences fir and poplar street in legionEw.
Q: I would like to plant a nonflowering shrub that would grow to a height of 8 to 10 feet and serve as a screen along my property line.
Lot 1 topographical related benefit plans and topographical documents without pay property line.
The proposed ordinance, aimed at maintaining the charm of residential neighborhoods, would have required that multifamily complexes next to single-family homes be limited to two stories and be set back 15 feet from the property line to create a softer transition.
In two weeks, the council will consider adopting changes to zoning standards that would require a multifamily development adjacent to a house to be limited to two stories and be set back 15 feet from the property line to create a softer transition between the two buildings.
The site - covering about 45 or 50 acres just north of Rosamond Boulevard and straddling the property line where Edwards and Rosamond meet - is a challenge for county and Air Force officials because of regulations and laws governing how they can spend their funds.

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