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the simplest type of functional relation. Quantities may be directly or inversely proportional.

Two variable quantities are said to be directly proportional, or proportional, if their ratio is constant—that is, if the multiplication or division of one of the quantities by some number means that the other is multiplied or divided by the same number. If the quantities x and y are directly proportional, this is described analytically by the equation y = kx, where k is called the proportionality factor, or proportionality constant. The relation between x and y is represented graphically by the line or half line passing through the origin whose slope is equal to the proportionality factor.

Two variable quantities x and y are said to be inversely proportional if one of them is proportional to the inverse of the other—that is,

or xy = k. An equilateral hyperbola (or one of its branches) is the graph of such a functional relation.

Proportional relations are encountered very often. For example, the distance S traveled by a body in uniform motion is proportional to the time t: S = kt, where k is the speed of the body. The weight P of a homogeneous body is proportional to the body’s volume v: P = kv, where k is the body’s specific weight. The time required for a given quantity of soil to be excavated is inversely proportional to the amount excavated per man-hour.

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There is only one thing that could be considered proportionate enough to justify a Catholic voting for a candidate who is known to be pro-abortion, and that is the protection of innocent human life.
In the case of a tenant-stockholder (as defined in subsection (b)(2)), there shall be allowed as a deduction amounts (not otherwise deductible) paid or accrued to a cooperative housing corporation within the taxable year, but only to the extent that such amounts represent the tenant-stockholder's proportionate share of--
from smoking or alcohol, or fasting or practising abstinence according to the general rules of the Church)" and "donating a proportionate sum of money to the poor"; (3) "supporting by a significant contribution works of a religious or social nature (especially for the benefit of abandoned children, young people in trouble, the elderly in need, foreigners in various countries seeking better living conditions)"; (4) "devoting a suitable portion of free time to activities benefitting the community, or other similar forms of personal sacrifice.
The most significant part of this bill for the accounting profession is its system of proportionate liability," said John E.
A major provision of HR 1058 reduces the liability exposure for companies of all sizes by establishing a system of proportionate liability in which defendants are responsible for the share of damages caused by their own actions.
Most class action plaintiffs do not realize they could potentially be taxed on their proportionate share of the millions in attorneys' fees routinely recovered by class members.
Levitt said he believed Congress should improve existing legislation with a system of proportionate contribution.
1368-2(d)(1) requires proportionate reduction of any AAA existing immediately before a redemption.
HR 417 calls for a proportionate liability standard to replace the joint and several liability standard under Securities and Exchange Commission rule 10b-5.