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This part of the brain also responded to images of prostheses that are functional but do not look like a hand, such as a hook prosthesis.
Magnetic attachments on the teeth and on implants are used to improve stability, support and retention of prostheses.
They are referred to the PCSO for help in paying for prostheses.
07 monofilament (10 g force; CHS Services Inc; East Setauket, New York), used to make skin contact, bend, and depart the skin at each temperature sensor site and the proximal edge of the moisture-wicking sock with airflow seal that encircled the limb while wearing one of the study prostheses.
The detection of rupture in testicular silicone gel-filled prostheses is based on that in breast implants and the same techniques and terms are used.
Robotic prostheses can be very advanced, but such a control system makes them unreliable and limits their functionality, and patients commonly reject them as a result.
Dislocation after primary hemiarthroplasty is still one of the major postoperative complications for bipolar prostheses.
Aortic valve replacement in patients aged 50 to 70 years: improved outcome with mechanical versus biologic prostheses.
4) The addition of interposed cartilage decreases the rate of extrusion to just 3 to 6%, allowing long-term retention and function of these prostheses.
In 1885, Heather Bigg wrote a pioneering textbook on amputations and prostheses.
It encompasses a wide range, including a summary of normal and pathologic gait, gait analysis with lower-limb prostheses, detailed exploration of the care of patients with lowerlimb amputation, lower-limb biomechanics, clinical applications, as well as prosthetic and orthotic designs and components.