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That condition in which an animal is first a male and then becomes a female.



a state in which the pollen ripens earlier than the stigmata of the pistils in the flowers of a plant. Protandry is an adaptation to cross-pollination (seeDICHOGAMY and ).

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botrana males from females were explored in this study, and these were based on (i) the number of abdominal segments of the pupae, (ii) the colors of wandering larvae, (iii) protandry, and (iv) the lengths of the pupae.
However, in many dimorphic Orthoptera, males and females undergo a similar number of molts, but males restrict growth and have shorter intermolt intervals, producing protandry.
Protandry and moulting to maturity in the spider Pityohyphantes phrygianus.
Conditions of protandry or protogyny will favor maximum kernel number in some hybrids more than others because of different silk emergence-senescence patterns, and different times when pollen intensity and shed duration become limiting to grain yield.
Protandry is common among bivalves and numerous authors have demonstrated this by recording unequal sex ratios between different size classes (e.
Gregariousness and protandry promote reproductive insurance in the invasive gastropod Crepidula fornicata: evidence from assignment of larval paternity.
Body size, sexual receptivity and larval cannibalism in relation to protandry among Toxorhynchites mosquitoes.
First description of a puresearch mating system and protandry in the shrimp Rhynchocinetes uritai (Decapoda: Caridea).
There is great reproductive plasticity (gonochoristic, protogynous, protandry, and hermaphroditic) among fishes and thus a large variation in steroidal influences on sex characteristics.
Sex change of primary males in a diandric labrid Halichoeres trimaculatus: coexistence of protandry and protogyny within a species.
reflects a true pleiotropism, selection for traits causing protandry may