protocol data unit

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Protocol Data Unit

(PDU) A packet of data passed across a network. The term implies a specific layer of the OSI seven layer model and a specific protocol.

protocol data unit

The technical name of a frame of data transmitted over the data link layer (layer 2) in a communications network. Ethernet and Token Ring are examples of this layer. Many people neither use the term PDU nor the term frame, but call every unit of data traveling over a network a "packet." See OSI model and packet.
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The CodeWarrior toolset also allows developers to debug individual Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU) communications packets, providing the ability to pinpoint exactly where problems are occurring.
The Medical Device Communications Industry Group (MDCIG), a program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), announced today the release of a protocol data unit (PDU) tool software to facilitate implementation and adoption of the IEEE 1073 Medical Information Bus (MIB) Standards.
To interface at protocol level means that the transport of any kind of information, including function calls and variable data, between two modules via the communication infrastructure is done by exchanging protocol data units (PDU) according to a communication protocol.

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