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the outer layer of cells of the apical meristem of the shoot and root. The epidermis of the shoot, the epiblem of the root, and, less often, several subepidermal tissues are differentiated from the protodermal cells.

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In Figure 4 (i to vi), procambium, which will give rise to vascular bundles, is observed above the embryonic axis, passing through its lateral, distributing in an ordered way, as it distances from the embryonic axis, it follows branching, becoming peripheral near the protoderm, and remaining thus in all its distal region.
But in Pellia and Stenochlaena gametophytes the protoderm differentiates certain appendages, as are trichomes, rhizoids, and gametangia (Figs.
In the majority of plant species, any protoderm cell has the potential to form a root hair.