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(less commonly), provisionary
a postage stamp surcharged during an emergency to alter the stamp's denomination or significance until a new or regular issue is printed


of, designating, or relating to the unofficial factions of the IRA and Sinn Féin that became increasingly dominant following a split in 1969. The Provisional movement remained committed to a policy of terrorism until its ceasefires of the mid-1990s
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However, there are so many provisional drivers waiting for a test that the Garda (the Irish police) has been told to use discretion if officers stop someone driving solo who has a second provisional licence.
Although HAVA requires that provisional ballots be offered to all those voters whose names are not found on the list or whose eligibility is otherwise challenged, the details of implementation are left to the states.
Policy manager Keith Taylor says it makes it easier for businesses to pay their provisional tax, especially if they have seasonal or fluctuatinq income.
One possible solution is a system to identify those with provisional licenses and the possibility of having decals or placards identify cars that are driven by provisional licensees.
Because the provisional ballots have yet to be counted, the results of the municipal election remain unofficial, according to City Clerk David J.
Adams is just behind, and in line for a provisional pounds 30, with her own fine average of 31.
Numerous techniques and materials for fabrication of single-unit or multiple-unit provisional restorations have been described in the literature to meet these requirements.
Although they did not meet all the AYP criteria, the 825 provisional schools earned an "A" or "B" grade under an A+ grading system that Florida introduced in 1999.
Factors being examined as likely causes for long lines and waits are inaccuracies in voter registration databases, not enough voting machines, poorly organized and inadequately staffed polling places, special needs arising from registration problems, and large numbers of provisional ballots being cast.
These procedures were intended to help members measure certain properties of the products and materials they manufacture using simple laboratory procedures, even if not as precise and accurate as the Official or Provisional Methods.
It is directly because of Matt Blunt's leadership that we have provisional balloting in our state.
Rodney Mallette, SDDC Chief of Staff, Harvey was ordered to organize the provisional group.

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