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English criminal law words or conduct that incite a person to attack another



(1) An act of inciting or prompting individuals, groups, or organizations to actions that will lead to grave, sometimes disastrous, consequences.

(2) Treacherous actions perpetrated by private agents of the police and reactionary parties (agents provocateurs) aimed at exposing, discrediting, and ultimately crushing progressive and revolutionary organizations.

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Talet Ahmed is not correct when he asserts that "debate of the niqad provokes bigotry".
If the UN Security Council provokes us, our additional self-defence measures will be inevitable," the foreign ministry said.
Maloney tested all samples for the presence of Ara h1, a peanut protein that provokes allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.
Exhausted, he moves to Canada, but his speech provokes a second civil-rights revolution.
Every movement for social change provokes a backlash from the die-hard supporters of discrimination.
If you don't consider that an option, a voiceactivated mini-tape recorder slipped into your pocket could record what provokes a slap.
Many administrators seem all too ready to presume that anything that provokes disagreement is ipso facto "disruptive" But if not speech that provokes disagreement, what was the First Amendment meant to protect?
Earlier research tracked bone marrow-derived cells by detecting a protein called CD45, which appears on the surface of some of these cells and provokes inflammation.
It remains unclear to what extent running-related gastroesophageal reflux provokes these symptoms.
While in his early videos Kunath was acting out and thus putting himself in potentially uncontrollable situations, in When Was the First Time he provokes the passersby from a safe distance--which renders the new video, despite its greater formal resolution, rather one-dimensional.