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Near the body or the median line of the body.
(control systems)
Located close to the base or pedestal and away from the end effector of a robot.
Of a sedimentary deposit, composed of coarse clastics and formed near the source.



in anatomy, a term that indicates the location of an organ or a part of an organ that is closer to the center of the body or to the sagittal plane of the body’s surface. Proximal is opposed to distal. For example, in man the shoulder is the proximal section of the arm, while the hand is the distal section.

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DuraForm ProX EX is a high impact strength nylon material with increased durability and remarkable flexibility.
Thanks to its high-performance on-chip 24 bit DSP, CSR's BlueCore Multimedia platform is superbly synergistic with STEP's third party audio enhancement PROX technology software.
The ProX 950 is green and affordable, yielding the highest total material usage of all classes of additive and subtractive manufacturing with reduced part cost by as much as 25X compared to competitive alternatives.
The inherent high security technology employed in Prox Keyboards ensures Hospitals' information security needs are met and prevents unwanted intrusions.
ProX packs in a decade of learning with our leading manufacturing users into the most advanced fab-grade SLS printer available today, said Kevin McAlea, Chief Impact Officer, 3D Systems.
ProX CompactFlash cards incorporate Xcell(TM) technology, with a new advanced controller that provides an exponential increase in throughput for writing the picture file, delivering fast, accurate recording of high-resolution images and outstanding reliability.
The multiCLASS(TM) multi-technology card reader is designed for customers who are upgrading their current card system from HID Prox to HID iCLASS credentials or cards.
PROX now expects a pro forma loss of 29 to 34 cents per share in the fourth quarter, with revenue ranging from $22 million to $24 million.
The security professionals specifying these installations understand that adding a photo makes a prox card even more secure.