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Near the body or the median line of the body.
(control systems)
Located close to the base or pedestal and away from the end effector of a robot.
Of a sedimentary deposit, composed of coarse clastics and formed near the source.



in anatomy, a term that indicates the location of an organ or a part of an organ that is closer to the center of the body or to the sagittal plane of the body’s surface. Proximal is opposed to distal. For example, in man the shoulder is the proximal section of the arm, while the hand is the distal section.

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Contraction release, tibial sequestrectomy, coverage of the bone with TA and proximally based hemisoleus flaps and a split skin graft was performed on the left leg.
When the toe is sutured proximally and heel distally immediate failure is 0%, whereas immediate failure in conventional method in this study also showed 5.
In cases with femoral involvement, standard proximally porous coated tapered wedge stems may be used, but this may lead to early loosening secondary to varus alignment and associated gait and loading changes.
7 Postpedicel cylindrical in proximal third and symmetrically bulbous in distal two-thirds; scape and pedicel only white setose dorsally and asetose ventrally; T1 proximally apubescent and distally grey pubescent; parafacial area less than half the width of central facial gibbosity (at same level) .
neumanni from Malagarasi River drainage, by having a uniform reticulated pattern on body and head (vs irregular pattern), the caudal fin with a broad dark red margin (vs narrow black margin); anal fin proximally spotted and cream coloured (vs.
In summary, the SCJ may be displaced proximally and move away from the mucosal EGJ in American patients and cannot be used as a gold standard for the true mucosal EGJ to guide the endoscopic study in a general practice setting.
Of note is the narrowing to normal calibre proximally.
1-5): cymbium faintly convex, with two prolateral lobes and one central small protuberance with rounded profile ending proximally in a single apophysis, proximo-mesal part simple and truncated without protrusions or ridges.
It articulates with the medial cuneiform and the second metatarsal base proximally and with the base of the proximal phalanx of the hallux distally.
In addition, diabetic women were more likely than nondiabetic women to have multiple adenomas and proximally located advanced adenomas.
A 5 min rest period caused the limb to displace proximally in the socket approximately 4.