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0 [13], Its chaotic behavior has been widely studied and several generators have already used such logistic map for generating pseudo-random numbers f 14, 15, 16, 17], To avoid non-chaotic behaviour (island of stability, oscillations, .
A small deviation in the initial conditions should cause a large modification in the output, that makes chaotic systems very attractive for pseudo-random number generation.
The second defect here is that as the documentation states, the returned pseudo-random number is "greater than or equal to mm Value and less than max Value", so this code actually produces a random number between one and five
j] are pseudo-random numbers obtained by the standard Gaussian generator (with zero mean and standard deviation equal to one).
Pseudo-random numbers were generated using the gasdev function provided in (19).
The results obtained are introduced in the linear feedback shift registers described above, resulting pseudo-random number sequences with longer periods, which can be used successfully for the construction of cryptographic stream keys.
This means a statistical experiment cannot be interrupted, a new sequence of pseudo-random numbers generated, and then the prior experiment resumed with the old sequence; there is no way to resume the old sequence because there is no way to capture the old seed.
New class of pseudo-random number generator based on chaos in digital filters.
The experimental quantities were replaced by a set of the spindle assembly design variables (as generated using a generator of pseudo-random numbers with an equal probability distribution) and that of the results of calculations performed for the cases of matching the above variables (Wolny, 1992).
The use of cebyse mixing to generate pseudo-random numbers.
Throughout this paper, pseudo-random numbers are generated depending on a secret key, which is stored for the watermarking extractor.
These tests involve billions of pseudo-random numbers and took more than 200 hours of CPU time on a VAX-11/780.

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