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A slender, leafless branch of the gametophyte in certain Bryatae.
(cell and molecular biology)
Temporary projection of the protoplast of ameboid cells in which cytoplasm streams actively during extension and withdrawal.
(invertebrate zoology)
Foot of a rotifer.



a temporary protrusion of cytoplasm in unicellular organisms (rhizopods, some flagellates, sporozoans, and myxomycetes) and in some multicellular organisms (leukocytes; macrophages; the eggs of sponges, coelenterates, and acoelomate tubellarians; some cells in tissue cultures).

Pseudopodia aid in amoeboid locomotion and enable the organisms to grasp food or foreign particles. Since the pseudopodia can appear and be withdrawn again in different parts of the cell, the shape of the cells in amoeboid locomotion is constantly changing. The formation of pseudopodia and amoeboid locomotion result from local changes in the surface tension of the cell and from little-studied mechanisms of overflow, contraction, extension, and liquefaction of the cytoplasm.

In amoebas, the pseudopodia are lobed or filiform. In foraminiferans and radiolarians, they are branched, thin, and long, and they coalesce with one another. The pseudopodia of sun animalcules contain a solid, elastic axial filament (axopodium), which is responsible for the flexibility and constancy of the shape of the organisms. The pseudopodia are usually digitiform or lobed in the amoeboid cells of multicellular organisms.


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Apical protrusions with balloon- like shape and sometimes inform of pseudopods were observed on the surface of the follicular cells (Figs.
It is to be hoped that the pseudopod that "justified" those bombings has been pulled back forever.
So Spaz's pseudopod didn't get any further scenes, The Abyss aliens looked like all other aliens and Williams's vision had to be put on hold while he continued to work at George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).
Since they are contiguous with the main tumor, pseudopods are not considered to represent true invasion and are consistent with a benign PA.
Amoeboid Cells that resemble amoebae by forming pseudopods.
Because these filaments have no overall polarity, pseudopod extension is not likely to be generated by motor proteins acting on MSP filaments (Bullock et al.
It appears that the whole pseudopod is moving when we look at the images of the flying pseudopods with DIC (differential interference contrast).
If a cell is on the rigid side of the matrix, I can argue that when the pseudopod stretches into the softer side of the matrix it will become more active, whereas the pseudopod in the rigid side will become less active.
7) Normally at resting state, platelets require a trigger to develop pseudopods, which spread over injured tissue and jumpstart the healing process.
Trophozoites showed very active movement, with wide pseudopods of rapid formation.
In this instance, cell locomotion is driven by the localised growth of a dynamic protein scaffold pushing against the cell membrane from the inside," says Dr Tyson, continuing, "Cells employ complex regulation, linked to environmental sensing, to make pseudopods highly accurate steering devices, which are of limited power though.