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see carpetcarpet
or rug,
thick fabric, usually woolen (but often synthetic), commonly used today as a floor covering. Carpet Types and Modern Manufactures
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1. a floor covering, smaller than a carpet and made of thick wool or of other material, such as an animal skin
2. Chiefly Brit a blanket, esp one used as a wrap or lap robe for travellers
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That is what Big Society is all about, so you are pulling the rug from under that.
Gration does not like the fact that Gambari wants to play a greater role in Darfur's political process and feels that he is pulling the rug from under him" said the source who asked not to be named.
The stock markets in freefall, America bracing itself for more sub-prime misery and lenders are pulling the rug from under everyone's feet.
Stop building up youngsters' hopes of a decent job then pulling the rug from under them.

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