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He is believed to be the first person in the US to die of pulmonary anthrax strain since 1975.
Radiologic features of pulmonary anthrax include pleural effusions, mediastinal widening, paratracheal or hilar fullness, and parenchymal infiltrates.
The Companies are planning further studies to better define the capabilities and mechanisms of Viprovex in animal models of pulmonary anthrax infection.
One of the challenges for doctors is that the onset of pulmonary anthrax - the form associated with the US cases - shows symptoms similar to flu or a common cold.
Pulmonary anthrax affects the lungs and death is certain.
Robert Stevens, 63, of Lantana, Florida, contracted pulmonary anthrax, the rarest form of the infection, by inhaling spores of the bacteria.
Robert Stevens, 63, of Lantana, Florida, died at 9pm BST (4pm local time) at the JFK Medical Centre in Palm Beach after being confirmed as having contracted pulmonary anthrax, the rarest form of the infection.
Pulmonary anthrax begins with nonspecific flulike symptoms.
We are excited to have LeuTech(R) as part of our anthrax prophylaxis study, a key objective of which is to define and validate a logical imaging protocol for the detection of early acute pulmonary anthrax infection in patients with a credible exposure to anthrax who are asymptomatic," said Dr.
Pulmonary anthrax is much less common and creates flu-like symptoms.
These tests will also look for the efficacy of Viprovex as a preventative to pulmonary anthrax sickness.
Observations on the prophylaxis of experimental pulmonary anthrax in the monkey.

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