Pumping Station

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pumping station

[′pəmp·iŋ ‚stā·shən]
(civil engineering)
A building in which two or more pumps operate to supply fluid flowing at adequate pressure to a distribution system.

Pumping Station


a structure that usually consists of a building and pump units (operating and standby), pipelines, and auxiliary equipment. Pumping station buildings may be above ground (with no connection between the foundations of the walls and the equipment), semisubterranean (with a shaft to permit location of the pumps at the required level above the medium being pumped), or subterranean. There are also floating pumping stations (located on a barge or pontoon).

Modern pumping stations use manual, automatic, or remote control. Pumping stations are a part of water-supply and sewer systems and are used in petroleum pipelines, irrigation and drainage systems, and navigable canals.


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Sharron added: "The pump house was built in the late 1930s but had fallen into disrepair, so the idea to convert it was recognised as an excellent opportunity to further improve the woodland for wildlife.
For example, PICS' treasurer and one of its most active workers is a 94-year-old woman who still lives at home and drives to Salem several times a week, whether to work in the Pump House or to call the weekly bingo game.
The Homestead Pump House is one of the last remaining structures from the USS Homestead Works that dates from the time of the famous Homestead Steel Strike of 1892.
The architect dealt with the site by building on top of the concrete pump house, saving the cost of pouring a foundation and minimizing environmental impact.
On Friday, July 7, Serrin, local attorney Mike Healey and Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor Charles McCollester will lead a discussion with dozens of history teachers at the Pump House on the history and development of constitutional law.
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