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one of four Middle English alliterative poems, all contained in a manuscript of c.1400, composed in the West Midland dialect, almost certainly by the same anonymous author, who flourished c.1370–1390.
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The degree to which the content of impurity can be detected by an analytical procedure in a sample of matter that is classified as a pure substance; the grade of purity is in inverse proportion to the amount of impurity present. Also known as chemical purity.
The degree to which a primary color is pure and not mixed with the other two primary colors.


See also Modesty.
symbol of the Virgin Mary’s innocence. [O.T.: Numbers 17: 1–11; Art: Hall, 14]
its transparency symbolizes pureness. [Folklore: Jobes, 391]
Galahad, Sir
sole knight who could sit in siege perilous. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur; Idylls of the King]
soap 99.44% pure. [Trademarks: Crowley Trade, 289]
Karamazov, Alyosha
pure at heart, with compassion for his erring and tortured family. [Russ. Lit.: Dostoevsky The Brothers Karamazov]
emblematic of the Blessed Virgin Mary. [Christian Symbol-ism: Appleton, 39]
long unbound hair
custom for unmarried women, virgin saints, brides. [Art: Hall, 144]
used as symbol of purity in da Vinci paintings. [Plant Symbolism: Embolden, 25]
“pure as the driven snow.” [Western Folklore: Misc.]
Star of Bethlehem
indicates pureness. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 183]
Virgin Mary
immaculately conceived; mother of Jesus Christ. [N.T.: Matthew 1:18–25; 12:46–50; Luke 1:26–56; 11:27–28; John 2; 19:25–27]
archetypal symbol. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 109]
symbol of innocence of heart; flower of July. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 178; Kunz, 329]
symbol of virginity; in American flag, purity. [Color Symbolism: Leach, 242]


Physics a measure of the amount of a single-frequency colour in a mixture of spectral and achromatic colours
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His easy disposition made him fall in unresistingly with the family courses, but the need of some tender permanent affection, the longing for some influence that would make the good he preferred easy to pursue, caused the neatness, purity, and liberal orderliness of the Lammeter household, sunned by the smile of Nancy, to seem like those fresh bright hours of the morning when temptations go to sleep and leave the ear open to the voice of the good angel, inviting to industry, sobriety, and peace.
Only the pure in heart may see That lily of all purity, Only in clean unsullied thought The image of her face is caught, And only he her love may hold Who buys her with the spirit's gold.
By the concentrated light that fell on Lucy's face we could see that the lips were crimson with fresh blood, and that the stream had trickled over her chin and stained the purity of her lawn death robe.
Open wide your gates,--I deliver you the keys thereof,--open them wide to all who will give up the iniquities of the world, and come hither to lead lives of purity and peace.
He exerted himself, during his sojourn among this simple and well-disposed people, to inculcate, as far as he was able, the gentle and humanizing precepts of the Christian faith, and to make them acquainted with the leading points of its history; and it speaks highly for the purity and benignity of his heart, that he derived unmixed happiness from the task.
The jaws of the oldest graybeards among them were much better garnished than those of most of the youths of civilized countries; while the teeth of the young and middle-aged, in their purity and whiteness, were actually dazzling to the eye.
These words were spoken in French, and with a purity of accent that bespoke not only a Frenchman, but a Frenchman from the vicinity of Tours.
The monotony of these immense landscapes, also, would be as wearisome as that of the ocean, were it not relieved in some degree by the purity and elasticity of the atmosphere, and the beauty of the heavens.
The son of the Portas passed all his days at the feet of his future wife; and his youthful love, the purity of his words, dispersed the clouds from the mind of the banished daughter; the future was so beautiful as he painted it that she ended by smiling joyfully, though without forgetting her father's severity.
I have not yet met that divine purity and devotion I look for in women.
Mary's white muslin dress suited her particularly well, and she seemed the personification of innocence and love as she sat, now bending her head, now gazing up at the very tall and handsome man who was speaking to her with particular tenderness and self-restraint, as if he feared by word or gesture to offend or sully her angelic purity.
Her face shimmered before his eyes as he walked along, - pale and serious, sweet and sensitive, smiling with pity and tenderness as only a spirit could smile, and pure as he had never dreamed purity could be.