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The night-wind rustled through the boughs, rocking the flowers to sleep; the wild birds sang their evening hymns, and all within the wood grew calm and still; paler and paler grew the purple light, lower and lower drooped little Annie's head, the tall ferns bent to shield her from the dew, the whispering pines sang a soft lullaby; and when the Autumn moon rose up, her silver light shone on the child, where, pillowed on green moss, she lay asleep amid the wood-flowers in the dim old forest.
I felt the agitation of the heart, I saw "the purple light of love" cast its glowing reflection on cheeks, temples, neck; I desired to consult the eye, but sheltering lash and lid forbade.
A large fire was burning in front of this tent, and threw its purple light over the grassy pools of the marsh, rippled by a fresh breeze.
Up front is pretty special too thanks to the DS Active LED Vision headlamps that emit a purple light when the car is unlocked before pivoting 180 degrees.
Oh, and Killgrave might be back, if that spooky purple light at the end of the trailer tells us anything.
Your loved ones surround you with purple light, which to me is a very spiritual healing colour.
Those reactions are visible in the form of blankets of colorful red, yellow, green, blue and sometimes purple light.
In 2011, in Beijing, as we sat in the Hall of Purple Light in the Zongnanhai, listening to Premier Wen Jiabao silkily trying to apply pressure on President Aquino who was deftly resisting the premier's lobbying on North Rail, I tried to keep awake by observing the rest of the Philippine delegation.
Racks of leafy greens rise to the ceiling, and purple light shines from above.
Each participant, about 200 in all, was provided with a purple light bulb that would illuminate outside their homes to signal the household would not tolerate drug and alcohol use in their homes, said Lourraine Hosack.
The purple light shows up any urine marks so you can work on the actual places of contamination rather the entire house.