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purpleheart, purple wood

The heartwood of any of several leguminous South American trees; hard, durable, fine-grained wood which is brown in color but turns purple on exposure; esp. used for inlays and veneer.
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Purpleheart wood, NSN 5510-01-454-8568, must be purchased by board feet (BF).
When ordering purpleheart wood, keep in mind that the boards will come in random widths and lengths.
Photo: Ambassador's ribbon of mahogany and 1 3/4-inch oak round distinguish this board of richly toned purpleheart
Engle suggests protecting the color by adding a UV inhibitor to the finish if the purpleheart will be anywhere near light.
Engle says purpleheart has consistently been a popular item with his veneer customers.
Prime growing areas for purpleheart are the Amazon region of Brazil as well as British, French and Dutch Guiana.
Purpleheart trees can grow as tall as 170 feet with diameters as wide as 4 feet, but most are between 125 and 150 feet.
for our other exotic species, such as Massaranduba, Mahogany and Purpleheart, to name a few.
Purpleheart has a wide variety of uses from the practical to the sublime.
Purpleheart has a creamy white sapwood but like its name suggests, the heartwood is a bright, striking purple when freshly cut, then darkening into a deeper purple.
Purpleheart has a highly durable heartwood, most resistant to attack by fungi and dry-wood termites.
The busy pollinators tend to prefer single blooms in blues, yellows and purples, so fill your bee garden with mums, marigolds, daffodils, zinnias, purplehearts, dahlias and asters.