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Concerns a European public tender to establish a four-year framework contract for the delivery of multiple-use plastic pallet boxes purposely rim and lid.
When you go out there and purposely try and do stuff like that, then sometimes it does backfire.
Summary: The meeting in GPC location was held purposely for discussions concerning mining activity in Libya and the role of national mining corporation (NMC)
This computer companion includes versatile learning software for developing writing, keyboarding and quizzing skills, and purposely does not include Internet capabilities.
Researchers would never purposely damage people's insulas to curb smoking addictions, Grant explains.
We could have punted on first down or purposely fumbled or purposely thrown interceptions, but I thought that would have been insulting to Golden Valley.
ACL claims to offer the only software solution purposely built for audit to enable efficient analysis of all transactional data across the enterprise, with the ultimate goals of driving operational performance, reducing audit cycle time and assuring controls compliance.
They then purposely build nonsensical handrail horrors and meaningless mound monstrosities.
Ad agency Publicis West purposely included the flattery to show respect for the character, says Bob Moore, president and executive creative director.
The moniker of "Forum" was purposely chosen to describe an open flow of ideas from member to member, in hopes of involving as many people as possible in the process of determining the future of MTNA and its programs.
The purposely bitchy Katerina and I can't stand her represents van der Stokker's strategy of using color and form to humanize--and feminize--her intimate and humorous notations.
The technique uses two methods to trace a document: analyzing a document to identify characteristics unique to each printer and designing printers to purposely embed individualized characteristics in documents.