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Notice of Contract Award: IMR want to rent a purse seiners for the implementation of catches of mackerel in collaboration with F / F "Sars" in the North Sea from 10/20/2015 through 05/11/2015, a total of 16 days.
Spain, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, and Iran are the top five tuna fishing nations in the Indian Ocean using highly mechanised purse seiners and long liners.
Ignoring the PNA rules that all fishing licenses come under the group's vessel/day arrangement, Kiribati signed a side deal with a fleet of four giant Spanish purse seiners.
2009) reported that up to seven tuna purse seiners were present at Clipperton Island during their visit in January 2005.
In the meantime, we have this laughable measure that an area off Somalia, which is already largely off limits due to piracy, will be closed to long-liners for a month and purse seiners for a month.
The Bardot had traversed the area and reported that over 20 purse seiners were operating there.
The six-strong range of skipjack tuna steaks, to be launched to the trade in July, will be Princes-branded, but labels will bear a logo flagging up the pole-and-line method to differentiate them from Princes' other tuna products, which largely use tuna caught with purse seiners.
In the second decade, the processors introduced purse seiners to get the fish before they reached the rivers and the government made a law that Natives couldn't own them.
Many New England purse seiners and trawlers are supplying them and bait dealers.
Also, the fishing season for purse seiners would be shortened by four months to April 15-June 15.
ORBIMAGE's SeaStar(SM) service provides a competitive advantage to tuna and sardine purse seiners, pelagic longliners, Albacore trolling vessels, and mid-water trawling vessels throughout the world.