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Furthermore, skeptical investors have sent 5,040 puts across the tape at the stock's August 5 strike.
Lurie, who recently released this quirky effort on his own label complete with an elaborate backstory, puts across surreal, sometimes comic tunes like ``I'm a Doggy'' with a straight face.
Investors continued this theme in yesterday's session, sending 4,018 puts across the tape and adding 3,540 contracts to the security's June 37.
Perhaps the most promising track is ``Down,'' a jazzy groove Larrieux puts across in a husky lower register.
Options investors continued this sentiment trend today, sending 4,235 puts across the stock's March 17.
A confident performer with a full-bodied delivery, she puts across ballads such as ``I'm Waiting for You'' and ''Every Heart'' with the same gusto she addresses the bouncy title track, which is, incidentally, climbing the country charts.