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a violent and sudden uprising; political revolt, esp a coup d'état



an adventuristic attempt by a small group of conspirators to carry out a coup d’etat (for instance, the Kapp Putsch of 1920).

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an's Turkey, which is thought the best of applications, remain as putschist organizations that do not respect Constitutions, depending on the (secret organization / military), and do not believe in democracy and peaceful transfer of power.
This is why it dealt with Morsi's election as an opportunity that cannot be missed to hold on to power, just like all the putschists who come to power by force.
The two invitees are founding members of the genocidal regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) led by the putschist Genocidaire Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir who could have attended the National Prayer Breakfast had it not for his fear of getting apprehended by the (ICC) for being a campaign fugitive from the international justice
3) Ending the political role of the military and its putschist tradition/proclivity.
will side with the will of the Egyptian people who defend their freedom and not with the oppressive putschist regime.
So much so, the Egyptian putschist, self-anointed field marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who has outlawed the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, is going after the Gazans as well for their backing of Hamas.
One such agent of chaos or ruling-class putschist is the reactionary corporate advocacy group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).
We" are not only talking about the Cairo revolution, but the Arab springtime as a whole, with all of its revolutionaries, counter-revolutionaries, Muslim Brothers and Salafists, military putschists - or restorers of order as the soldiers' supporters claim; beleaguered Copts, oppressed Eastern Rite and Orthodox Christians of the Eastern Mediterranean, anti-Christian fanatics, Kamalists, liberals and secularists in Turkey, as well as all the people fighting and frequently killing one another in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, and the Egyptian country towns up the Nile.
The above is the theory, so I will continue with facts: In every military coup in every country, and we have many experiences in the Arab countries to which witnesses are still alive, the putschists would topple rulers only to replace them.
Senior Brotherhood official Essam al-Erian said in a Facebook posting, that a constitutional decree by a man appointed by putschists.
122) Jean d'Aspremont has observed that "recognition of overthrown democratic governments is generally not questioned and the recognition of putschists (perpetrators of a coup) systematically denied.
Yet, Rizaod adds that he thought that after such an attempt for putsch that is considered to be the greatest blow on the country's stability, a surge of arrests of all the putschists would ensue but nothing.