pyracantha coccinea

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Thorny hedge with waxy oval leaves and huge bunches of red berries. Makes great protective security barrier for home because of sharp thorns. Berries are quite mealy tasting but don’t eat the seeds (contain cyanide). Most popular use for berries is making jam.
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Chromium concentrations (ppm dry wt) in the leaves of Olea europaea, Ligustrum japonicum, and Pyracantha coccinea from different studied sites (site 1: industry; site 2: traffic; reference site: botanical garden)
Good varieties include pyracantha coccinea Lalandei, which produces orange-red berries, pyracantha Orange Glow, which is more disease and bird-resistant and pyracantha atalantioides Aurea if you want yellow berries.
Pyracantha coccinea can be trained up a 20-foot wall in such a manner, creating a stunning cordon tapestry of green leaves and red berries.